Integrated campaign

'I Can' Campaign

A global campaign to boost career confidence

Design Lead - Sarah Lynch
Copywriting Lead - Christopher Watkins
Creative Director - Lotenna Enwonwu
In collaboration with
Director of Brand - Stephanie Hale
Brand Manager - Emily Keller-Logan
Social Media Manager - Iris Wu


Inspire learners to boost career confidence with a high-value credential


Around the world, people are feeling ill-equipped to succeed at their jobs with what they learned in college and are looking to quickly build the skills they need.

Campaign brief


A global campaign focused on driving paid learners within our existing audience to find the confidence they’re searching for with world-class, applied learning available on Coursera.


  • 50% off sale
  • Newly-launched content
  • New monthly subscription option
  • Free Guided Projects
  • Content marketing that positions Coursera as the place to build applied skills

round 1

Content that moves the needle

During round 1 of concepting my copywriter and I focused on ways to highlight the exciting new content and promotions that were launching as part of this campaign. We took a more tactical approach to creative because the products on offer were so compelling, and came up with 2 concepts that positioned these new learning options as straight forward solutions to the problems professionals were facing.

Future-ready, today

This is a concept about helping learners right now. Future-ready, today offers the latest skills and practical solutions that professionals can begin immediately applying on the job.

Learn, grow, succeed

Success is a growth journey that begins with learning, and learn, grow, succeed provides actionable steps toward gaining the skills that lead to professional growth and make job success a reality.


Needs to stir emotions


Focus less on deliverables and more on telling a story

Information overload in brief

Asked for refined brief

Be more intentional with invites

CD reviews campaign briefs

Compressed timeline

Flagged to creative producer

Start building in time for iteration

round 2

Emotion that moves the heart

After reviewing round 1 with our creative director we knew we had to amp up the emotion of the campaign. Our concepts clearly communicated the value of our credentials, but we needed to do more to convince frustrated professionals to invest their time in learning something new.

Step forward and grow

Learning is a path to your future and each new skill moves you further along that path. Step forward and grow highlights learners who've made meaningful growth in their careers to inspire others to begin their own journey.

It's your moment

Momentum begins with a moment, and this one is yours. With It's your moment goals big and small are attainable, and every moment is yours to seize and begin building momentum towards your future.

Define your future

Each goal you achieve is a building block for the future you create for yourself. Define your future encourages learners to take the future into their own hands and define it for themselves.


Too similar to our norm


Create a more recognizable campaign motif

Feels like Coursera is talking at you

Approach campaign from learner's perspective

Creative can't be in a vacuum

Re-involve brand strategy team in concept brainstorming

final concept

I can.

Something we kept coming back to was the sense of agency we wanted our learners to feel over their future. We didn't want to scare or guilt them into upskilling, and we didn't want to make it seem like they were falling behind.

So instead of Coursera speaking at them about the promise of learning, we would take on the voice of a confident learner with the tagline "I can."

This allowed us to follow "I can..." with many different outcomes that could tie back to our content launches and put the learner in the driver's seat.

Through the lens of Coursera's C we see into the lives of learners — real people achieving real goals, big or small.

For consistency across the campaign learners would be placed in the far left third of the C and be shown facing forward, in action, and moving through their day to create a sense of progress and confidence.

We would always put the visual emphasis on 'I can' to drive home the campaign messaging.

Pressure testing the idea

As a global integrated campaign my design system needed to support a lot of different content, channels, languages and promotions. I had to make sure the design would work in vertical, landscape and square placements. It needed to work paired with different logos and lockups. It had to look good when static or dynamic. I had to make sure the text styling could support longer headlines and still worked in different languages. And it had to be a simple enough system to templatize and hand off to our production designers.

Stretching the system

If the design system was too rigid our campaign would get boring fast, so I came up with a few different variations of the campaign look and feel that still felt like part of the family. For learner stories I could heroically frame the learner's face with "I can." To use full bleed imagery I'd place the learner in an outline C, letting us take in the full scene.

Learner successes

Part of our content strategy on social was to empower learners with real stories and celebrations of people who embodied the spirit of “I can". We would elevate examples of learners making positive change for themselves, their families, communities, and the world at large through their credentials.

'I can' stories

We invited learners to share in their own words what their motivations are and what they can now do with their new skills through discussion prompts and UGC videos.

Learnings and results


Different channels, different treatments

Highly-consistent designs are great for paid ads and landing pages, but user generated content and variety perform better on social media.


Review with design lead going forward

Process changes led to production work being reviewed by creative director without the design lead's involvement which hurt campaign cohesion.


Learners love when we cheer them on

Motivational "I can" copy drove consistently higher engagement rates than standard headlines in A/B testing across geographies.


Community is ready to share and grow

Low-lift IG story prompts drive both participation and new followers with +66% Instagram follower increase compared to baseline.


Organic Social

200% of goal for registrations


80% above baseline for open rate

Paid ads

30% above baseline for click through


200% above baseline for click through